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Muse List

active characters.
Canon: Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl
Game: [community profile] hollyheights

Ai Enma || [personal profile] timetodie
Canon: Durarara!!
Game: [community profile] amatomnes

Erika Karisawa || [personal profile] rewritereality
Canon: Persona 4
Games: [community profile] amatomnes

Naoto Shirogane || [personal profile] shiroganefortune
Canon: Persona 4
Games: [community profile] gargleblasted, [community profile] cityofariel

Rise Kujikawa || [personal profile] tofu_idol
Canon: Homestuck
Game: [community profile] dramadramaduck

Rose Lalonde || [personal profile] grimdarkseer
Canon: Homestuck
Game: [community profile] gargleblasted

Terezi Pyrope || [personal profile] thoughtandflow
Canon: Homestuck
Game: [community profile] hollyheights

Vriska Serket || [personal profile] stealsluck

Table coding by [ profile] lufaine at [ profile] mintyapple

inactive characters/journals.
Dawn Summers || Buffy the Vampire Slayer || [personal profile] littlemissnobody
Trilby || Chzo Mythos || [personal profile] artoftheft
Celty Sturluson || Durarara!! || [personal profile] lost_her_head
Namie Yagiri || Durarara!! || [personal profile] neverlikeddolls
Aradia Megido || Homestuck || [personal profile] verymuchalive
Bro Strider || Homestuck || [personal profile] coolstriderbro
Dirk Strider || Homestuck || [personal profile] pantheonicironicist
Feferi Peixes || Homestuck || [personal profile] cull_means_care || [ profile] cull_means_care
Her Imperious Condescension || [personal profile] tyrian_tyrant
Latula Pyrope || Homestuck || [personal profile] latula_pyrope
Meenah Peixes || Homestuck || [personal profile] meanerpeixes
Rose Lalonde || Homestuck || [ profile] derse_princess
Vriska Serket || Homestuck || [personal profile] ceruleanspid8r (AU)
Kyoya Ootori || Ouran High School Host Club || [personal profile] unframedthird
Ai Ebihara || Persona 4 || [personal profile] ebihara_ai
Kanji Tatsumi || Persona 4 || [personal profile] ziobrawler
Yukiko Amagi || Persona 4 || [personal profile] fans_fire || [personal profile] seeksherprince (Shadow)
Aria Montgomery || Pretty Little Liars || [ profile] littlemissaria
Spencer Hastings || Pretty Little Liars || [ profile] scary_enough

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