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New Year's meme

Nabbed from [personal profile] bluespikey

So, are you excited for the new year?: Yep

What was your favorite thing about this past year?: I'm going to cheat and name two: getting back into roleplay via LJRP (and everything that's stemmed from it) and moving in with my other half.

Who was your best friend(s)?: Other half excluded, probably the LJRP folks. Yep.

Did you fall in love this year?: Technically I was already in love, so.

Did you get your heart broken?: Nope

Did you get a new car?: No. Would be pretty pointless seeing as I don't drive.

Go somewhere exciting?: Bristol was pretty fun, as was Cardiff.

Did you have a resolution for 2011?: Nope

Did you dye your hair in 2011?: Not this year, no

Lose any friends in 2011?: Maybe? idk, I don't think so but who knows.

Make any?: Tons, thanks to RP

Did you grow any?: I like to think so, mentally and emotionally

What month was your birthday?: July

Was it special?: Not especially so

How were you in school?: I left school a long time ago

Do anything you regret a lot?: Not that I can think of so probably no

Anything you regret NOT doing?: There's a few gigs I missed out on going to that I wish I hadn't. Specifically The Blackout.

Was it a leap year?: Nope

What are you most thankful for this year: Meeting awesome new people, having an awesome other half and having a job that is secure if not something I want to be doing forever.

Did anyone you love die in 2011?: No

How many significant others did you have?: One

Did you get in trouble a lot?: Nah

Who are you going to kiss at midnight?: My other half

Who do you WANT to kiss at midnight?: See above

Who's house are you going to party at?: Not so much partying, but we're stopping at home

Going to watch the ball drop on TV?: I guess this is not a UK thing because I've never heard of it.

Will 2012 be better than 2011?: Heck yes

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