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Fic: Killing Time

So, since I'd like to actually try and do kink bingo this year rather than losing track and forgetting all about it until the reminder comes, I've written a fic that will go up as my amnesty. This is from the "vehicular" square from my original card.

Title Killing Time
Fandom Durarara!!
Pairing Erika Karisawa/Walker Yumasaki
Rating NC-17
Summary When Erika and Walker get left out of Kadota's plan to infiltrate the Yellow Scarves they have to find their own ways to amuse themselves.
Content notes None

Togusa was going to kill them.

It was a fleeting thought, one that wasn’t going to linger long if Erika kept kissing him and pushing against him as she was, but one that for now had pushed itself to the fore. After all, Walker knew just how precious Togusa was about his van, they both did, and he was pretty sure that what they were doing – more to the point, what they were about to do – was something he would very definitely not want them doing in the van, even for everything else that had happened within the vehicle.

Then again, Walker suspected that was a large part of why Erika wanted to do this in the first place. She always did have a knack for latching onto something that had “bad idea” written all over it and then somehow spinning it so that the only sensible option was to go along with it.

It hadn’t been planned. At least, he was fairly sure it wasn’t. Sure, they’d both joked about having sex in the van on numerous occasions but it had only ever been as a joke, something to provoke Togusa just to see how much they could get him to fluster at the very notion of such a thing happening in his pride and joy. It had never been a serious thing, at least as far as Walker was concerned. It was just that, well, neither of them had any idea how long Togusa and Kadota would be caught up in their plan to infiltrate the Yellow Scarves and it was never a good idea to leave Erika and Walker alone together for so long with nothing to occupy them. Neither was much good at being bored, and it was then that their worst ideas seemed to form.

Not that he was about to say that he was against this idea. As soon as Erika had looked over at him, eyes bright with mischief and something that he could now safely consider to be lust, he’d known that whatever she was about to say was something he’d agree with. He usually did, certain tastes in manga aside, but even that aside there had been something in her glance that reminded him of just why he had fallen in love with her. And this time, words hadn’t been necessary – she’d simply leant over and kissed him and things had progressed from there.

Which led him to now: Erika straddling him with her long skirt hitched up and pressing her body against his as she dominated the kiss, which had gone from gentle to hot and heavy before he’d had much time to blink. Already he could feel himself growing hard, spurred by the feeling of her grinding against him, and he soon had to break off the kiss, breath coming in pants as he met her gaze. “Erika…”

Erika simply giggled at him, leaning in to nip at his ear and drawing a groan from him as she did so. “Isn’t this a much better way of spending our time?”

He nodded, not that he suspected she needed him to do so in order to know the answer to her question anyway. She knew him too well, knew that for all he wouldn’t necessarily come up with these ideas (out loud, anyway; there was a lot he thought that never got put into words) he was just as intrigued by them as she was. That when he agreed to her, it wasn’t just because she was the one asking and there was very little he would deny her. That was part of it, but that wasn’t all of it – and she knew it; whenever he did go along with something just to humour her, she was quick to notice and stop things going any further.

Today, however, wouldn’t be one of those times.

He reached a hand to her face, gently guiding her by the chin so he could kiss her again while his other hand began to rove over her body, up her leg and around her ass, continuing upwards until he found her breast and gently squeezed, savouring the soft moan that escaped her lips just before he met them with his own. As she pressed forward, resuming control of the kiss, the hand he’d used to tilt her head traced a similar path up the other side of her body until he was groping and squeezing roughly, the way he knew she enjoyed. Even as she was still clothed, he could sense the effect he was having on her from the way she moaned into his mouth, her grip on his shoulders tightening as her hips pushed against his. And that, in turn, only served to fuel his own arousal, to a point where it didn’t even matter anymore that they were in the back of Togusa’s van and that they were going to catch hell if Togusa ever found out. All that mattered was Erika, and the fact that as soon as she decided it was time (and it would be her decision; the only times he ever took control was when she asked it of him) he would be inside her, feeling her writhe on top of him.

The thought alone was almost enough to make him come right there and then.

Almost as though she had sensed the urgent upsurge in his need, Erika brought a hand down to his pants, unfastening them with a deftness that came with practice and using both hands now to tug them down far enough that she could find his dick, wrapping a hand around it as she broke the kiss once more, her voice thick with need as she met his gaze. “Hmm…I can’t wait to feel this inside me…what do you say, Yumacchi? Want me to fuck you right as we are?”

Again, he could only nod, the softness of her skin against his throbbing dick doing nothing to help his almost overwhelming arousal. He released his hold on her breasts, moving his hands lower, to her legs and then running up and under her skirt, one coming to rest at her thigh while he used the other to gently run over the crotch of her panties, groaning as he felt how damp they were. “Fuck…Erika.”

“I told you I couldn’t wait.” Another lewd giggle as she lightly stroked him. “And I know for a fact you can’t either.”

That was more than enough to push him forward and he hooked a finger in order to pull her panties aside enough that they could continue. Even as he did so, Erika was moving to position herself, barely even pausing as she lowered herself onto him, letting out a low moan as she took him in bit by bit. And just as Walker thought he was going to explode from the deliberate pace she was setting she began to move faster, hips working in shallow thrusts so that most of his length remained inside her. His own hips began to move in response, inadvertently working faster and pushing her to speed up in kind, the two soon finding the rhythm they knew so well.

The hand that rested at Erika’s thigh came up to grope at her chest once more as Walker bucked against her, doing what he could to further push her to her release even as she controlled the pace. Even for as much as they’d done this in the past, Erika still felt tight around him, as though a perfect fit for him, and he could feel every flex and twitch of her inner walls as she rode him, could feel every hint that told him she was close. It was apparent in her voice too, in how her moans and cries became more high-pitched, more urgent, how her promises to ride him until he was begging for her to let him come descended into wordlessness as coherency left her.

And then, with a final begged demand for him to fill her, Erika gave a keening cry that Walker had heard countless times before and that he knew was sign that she had hit her release even before her erratic movements and the way her walls clamped around his dick confirmed it. And that was all it took for him to let go, to stop holding back his own release. Moving his hands to her waist so that he could pull and hold her against him in one final thrust, he gave a loud groan as he shot his load inside her, prompting another cry from Erika who was still lost in the throes of her orgasm.

Soon they were both coming down from that high, Erika slumping against him even as his dick was still inside her. They remained silent for a while, their panted breaths the only sound as they recovered. As Walker recovered enough to move he gently lifted Erika, shifting so that she could rest on his knee and he could still hold her without either of them being uncomfortable. He pressed a gentle kiss to the side of her head, happy to bask in the afterglow if only for a short while.

Erika broke the silence first. She usually did, whether in moments like this or otherwise. “And look at that, the van is as spotless as it was when we started.”

Walker smirked, rubbing her side a little as he replied. “Well, for now at least. We still don’t know how long they’re going to be.”

Erika turned to look at him, a wide grin on her face. “That almost sounds like a challenge, Yumacchi.”

“Are you saying you’re not up for it?” Even as he asked it, he knew it wasn’t true. Erika never backed down from a challenge, which had a tendency to get her into trouble at times. But right now, the prospect of spending the rest of the wait enjoying each other as they just had was too tempting for him to resist.

And if the glint in Erika’s eye as she moved to kneel in front of him was any indication, it was too tempting for her to resist too.