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Fic: Ayacon 2013 Fanfiction Contest (Swedish style!)

Posting this mostly for fun. The context: At Ayacon 2013 I attended the Fanfiction Contest (Swedish style!) panel which involved being given two random characters about whom we had an hour to write a fanfic of any genre or rating.

I (eventually) ended up with Azula from Avatar: the Last Airbender and Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats! and this is what I came up with. Disclaimer: all I know about Azula I know from fandom/RP and Kanade I'd never written with/for before. Hence why I wrote this as I did. It's probably far from perfect but I think I did okay for the pair I had.

And so, without further ado:

Ayacon 2013 Fanfiction Contest (Swedish style!): Azula & Kanade

She always notices when someone new arrives. She doesn't always approach immediately, sometimes watches from afar until she has reason to approach but she does notice and Azula caught her attention early on.

The trouble-makers always do.

Getting closer hasn't been easy. She's used to being fought, used to dealing with those who resist the idea of moving on but never before has she had to contend with someone with similar augmented abilities to her own. She understands, now, why Azula appears to be rebuffing any offers to join the SSS as much as she has been ignoring all efforts to get her to integrate - she doesn't need their help and even seems to enjoy the challenge of taking them on, to a point where she provokes them if they don't strike first.

It's enough that Kanade wants to know more, wants to find out where Azula came from, how it is that she can do what she does. Even as she knows the risks in doing so, even as she knows she'll eventually be left behind as she always is, it's not enough to deter her.

After all, that's what she's there for.

She thinks she's getting closer. She makes a point, now, of sitting near Azula at lunchtime and little by little it seems that Azula is making less effort to leave as soon as she's able. They still haven't spoken, and they still clash whenever Kanade finds Azula doing something she shouldn't be but it seems, at least on some level, that Kanade is wearing down Azula's resistance to being approached.

Until the day when, quite to Kanade's surprise, Azula breaks the silence first. It's a small thing, an observation that they seem to be the only two who can tolerate Mabo Tofu let alone enjoy it, but it breaks the ice and for Kanade, who's never been the best at doing so, it allows her an opening to attempt to learn more.

It doesn't happen immediately. There still seems to be a lot that Azula isn't saying, at least at first, but Kanade can be patient. Not all find it easy to accept their fates and Azula is far from the first difficult case Kanade has had to deal with. That it means they at least no longer fight each time they see each other, that's enough for now.

But in time, she learns more. Enough to know that Azula's world is very different to that of most who arrive here, that she is used to very different rules and guidelines than most here are and things start to make more sense. Kanade knows pride when she sees it, after all, so it makes sense that someone unaccustomed to this sort of school, who's used to far greater status than she has here, would be unwilling to admit it when there are things here she doesn't understand.

But Kanade offers no judgement. It's not her place to judge those who come here, only to guide, and if it means she gets to learn more about the world Azula's from then even better - when they both have time, she can sit and listen for hours and never once get bored. Azula never asks about her but she doesn't mind - a lot of people don't and that's okay with her.

As time progresses, Azula begins to open up a little more during each conversation and as she does, Kanade begins to see more of a root cause behind her still being here. The weight of expectation on her shoulders, the sense of failure at being here, at being dead and from there Kanade learns what she must say and do in order to allow Azula to pass on.

She doesn't want her to. She knows this is going to be one of the more difficult losses, when Azula's time comes. But she can't be selfish, can't force Azula to remain to suit her. That's not what her role is, that's not her purpose. Even so, she doesn't expect that it would hurt quite so much when the day does come. Perhaps it's that she feels more personally responsible for Azula slowly letting go of her wish to avoid her fate but when it comes, with a smile that's surprising in its softness and a thank you she doesn't often hear, it leaves behind a sadness she hasn't felt in some time and nor does she expect to feel its like any time soon.